I’m a professional headshot photographer living in Montgomery, TX.

I grew up in Central Iowa and had visited Texas for as long as I can remember.  After many years in the military, I decided to settle down, spend time with my family, and start my photography business.  

Why Professional Headshots?  This may sound a little strange but I love psychology and non-verbal communication.  I love watching expressions, stance, and gestures that people do when together.  

When you think about it, this is perfect for your headshot.  That’s why I’m able to coach people to get the look they desire.  It comes down to psychology of non-verbal communication.

What will your next client think when they see your photo?

Professional Headshot - Male on white background

The real reason I picked up photography is my two sons.  I’ve spent so much time away from them either being deployed or training, I missed 1/2 of their lives.  Let’s face it, watching your kids grow up over Skype sucks.  

That’s why I’m here.  That’s also the reason I spent so much time training and investing in the equipment is because I want to have some great images of them.  

Surber Photography was then born.  Not because I had planned on making photography a career.  This was actually something I jumped into because I needed to transition from military life into the civilian world.  

Funny enough, taking care of bomb’s doesn’t translate well into the civilian sector… huh, who knew? lol

I initially started learning how to operate a camera and use lighting because I wanted to have some quality photos and prints of them.       

Cell phones couldn’t do them justice, nor could just having a photo of them on social media.  I needed something more.  I wanted prints on my wall that I could walk in my home and see them, not something on my cell phone.   

In my military life, I served as an E.O.D. Technician for 8 years in the Army.    

I deployed twice to Iraq and one of those was during “the surge”.  Disarmed about 100 I.E.D’s, operated on about 200 post blast missions and what ever random stuff we got called on to go look at.  I can easily say, hands-down, one of the most exciting jobs I have ever had.  I’m not going to lie, I miss it too.  There is nothing else like watching items explode from a block of C4.  

Afterwards, I also did about 6 years of contracting work, being and instructor and working in a forensics lab in Afghanistan.  

For all of my Veterans, Law Enforcement officers, Firefighters, EMTs, and everyone else serving… My hat’s off to you!

So, if you’re wondering how the previous applies to photography, I actually don’t look at it as a creative mindset.  Professional and Business Headshots have more to do with paying attention to detail then anything creative.  

Facial expressions, stance, angles and small attention to details make a world of difference in Professional Headshots.  

Would you want someone creative, or someone who has the attention-to-detail mindset who understands branding, non-verbal communication, and business marketing in order to notice those small things that make a HUGE difference to YOU.  

I could go on here but in reality, I’d rather sit down, have a cup of coffee with you and have a One-on-One to discuss how I can help.

Reach out to me when you’re ready to discuss your next headshot.  We’ll need to discuss your branding, who your client is, clothing, hair/makeup, or whether you have corporate standards to meet.