Yes, the cost of your professional headshot will be minimal compared to how much you make off of your next client, landing your next job or looking more professional than the next person.  Do you really need a better reason than these? 

Need more? 

–  Stand out from your competition

–  Match your branding

–  Impress your spouse or catch the eye of your next date

– Want a quick social media boost?  Change your profile photo to a professional headshot and see what happens.

Professional headshots will widely vary however, you can expect them to start at $199 for your session plus images.  Some of the top headshot photographers across the U.S. easily charge $1000/hr for a session plus images.  

Our session fee here is $299 plus images however we frequently have session fee sales depending on the time of year so be on the look-out.  We frequently place our ads and discounts on Facebook or have a Limited Time offer button on our home page.    

Yes.  All headshot sessions are by appointment only.  Whether for individual or corporate sessions.    To get the best images for you, pre-planning goes into every professional headshot session.  Whether in Montgomery, Houston, Galveston, or College Station.

Either by phone or email.  Once your session payment is made, we will schedule a date that works for you.  

The short answer is, it depends.  Everyone has a different need so if you only need 1 image, just purchase one.  Others need images for Facebook, LinkedIn, websites, advertising and marketing and purchase well over 20 images.

There is no minimum order here so you only purchase the images you want and need.  We don’t confine you to packages for your headshot or lifestyle photos so you can purchase what you need.

We prefer you go out and get some new fitted clothing for your headshot.  While we understand not everyone can do this, having clothing which fits well on you really shines through in your photographs.  

Bring in a wide selection of clothing that you love to wear.  We’ll go over several clothing options that we think will work best in your headshot to match your branding or corporate needs.   We don’t limit your outfit changes however, we will start of with the clothing you will look best in.  

AVOID at all costs clothing with patterns and are bright in color.  Even those small little patterns or color shifts that seem really tiny, they show up in camera and ruin your shot.  

Solid colors with neutral or jewel tones work best.  Avoid white if you can unless a white button up is your only shirt left in your closet.  

When it comes to jewelry, simple is best.  Keep it simple and stay away from heaving jewelry that pulls down on earlobes or pulls down into your skin.  Keep in mind, we are doing a headshot, not a product shoot so we need the focus on you, not what you are wearing.

If you are looking to have some custom fitted clothing, I recommend you talk with Corrie (@corrie_thebalanigirl)at Balani Custom Clothiers on  3601 W. Alabama St., Houston (River Oaks District).  She does a phenomenal job and will take care of you.  I know, she has done several suits and shirts for me and wouldn’t recommend anyone else.  www.balanicustom.com

Absolutely!  We will be getting a variety of images for your headshots.  Your expression will vary and we will go for a “Confident and Approachable” look.  You will want your next potential client seeing an image of you thinking “they are a top performer” without even realizing why.  So you will definitely be smiling for your headshot but not going “full cheese”. 


Strong posing for headshots will help your jawline, make sure facial features are symmetrical, and produce the best lighting for your location.

Don’t worry, this is our job, not yours.  

Yes, I do.  I offer on location shooting because your time is valuable.  We just need a small location to operate and go over images with each individual.